This Futuristic Home on Venetian Way Could be Yours…

Alex Marrero Miami
2 min readJul 16, 2021


There’s a house for sale on the Venetian Islands that truly looks like it came from the future. And in a way, it kind of has, since this property will not be built until 2023. But that’s good for you: because it means you still have a chance to time travel into this truly mesmerizing property — and make it your own!

Source: Zillow

Built by Tod Glaser, this 6 bedroom home gives a whole new meaning to waterfront view. Featuring a near 360° view of the stunning Intracoastal Waterway, this property on San Marco Island is something out of a Space Age dream! Real Estate Enthusiast and Investor, Alex Marrero, features the unique property at 1236 S Venetian Way, Miami 33139.

When we say ‘futuristic’ we mean that aesthetically — and literally. This majestic sanctuary of Space Age sophistication doesn’t exist… yet. But once purchased, the gorgeous structure will be brought to life by Tod Glaser, of Miami real estate development fame.

This completely unique property will be located on the San Marco Island of the Venetian Islands chain. The blueprints, which can be observed on Zillow, detail a 6 bath, 6 bed home featuring an open concept yard — directly on the water. You can literally see the gorgeous Intracoastal Waterway from every window in the house, regardless of what side you are on. Spectacular!

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