Free Places to Practice Photography in Miami

Alex Marrero Miami
2 min readJun 29, 2022


Miami photographer and local creative artist, Alex Marrero shares his suggestions for the top places that you can practice your photography game in the Magic City — for free!

Well, you may not be able to snap photos with your professional camera at a ball game for free. But don’t give up hope — there are plenty of other great places to practice your photography skills!

Antique Car Shows

Most antique car shows are free for the whole family to attend. These events are also a fantastic opportunity to practice ‘working the shot,’ because hardly anyone will complain about you admiring their pride and joy vehicle. (That’s actually why it’s there!)

Public Gardens and Parks

Most public parks are free to visit, which means they’re also fantastic places to practice your photo-taking skills! Alex Marrero loves to visit Bayfront Park to take pictures of the many scenes on the waterfront. The challenge of crafting new images with the same location is something that piques his interest and gets his creative gears turning! Pro tip: make use of the metal sculptures — they’re goldmines for awesome photos!