Cubic elegance in penthouse form

Alex Marrero Miami
2 min readDec 29, 2021


If you are an admirer of eccentric architecture, Alex Marrero has found the perfect penthouse property for you! Here are just a few of the fabulous details featured in the Waldorf Astoria Residences in Miami:

Alex Marrero Miami — Waldorf Astoria Residences
Source: DGS Real Estate LLC

A work of art, the uniquely elegant and completely eccentric cubic exterior of the Waldorf Astoria Residences is something to admire. If this sophistication suits your personality, you may wish to call this place home — and for $4,524,800 you can!

This space is perfect for entertaining. You and your friends can relax in your own private residential pool with a spectacular view of the stars and all that surrounds Miami. Custom Italian kitchen cabinetry makes for an inviting dining experience. The open concept social suite brings together the kitchen, dining area and living room in a way that keeps things tidy and free.

These properties all feature walk-in closets, wine storage and plenty more. Alex Marrero believes that this is an ideal space for a professional or entrepreneur working in the Miami area. For more information on the Waldorf Astoria Residences, please contact DGS Real Estate LLC.