On El Prado Boulevard in Miami, a luscious oasis awaits… This $4.4M mansion is an architecturally distinct home with an elegance as timeless and classic as it is modern and cutting edge. What a blend!

Alex Marrero Miami Coral Brook
Alex Marrero Miami Coral Brook

Coral Brook is on the real estate market in Miami. And it can be yours — lush landscape and all — for a cool $4,400,000. Featuring a Fairchild style half acre garden surrounded by gorgeously groomed plant life, a flowing waterfall and so much more, this property beckons a homeowner whose adventurous spirit retreats in a home fit for a well-traveled individual.

Alex Marrero Miami

Alex Marrero is a Miami based entrepreneur, real estate investor and an avid baseball fan. https://certifiedconsumerreviews.com/alex-marrero-miami/

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